What is SMUG?

The Scientific Music Generator (or SMUG) is system to generate lyrics and melodies from real-world data, in particular from academic papers. Through this we want to create a playful experience and establish a novel way of generating content (textual and musical).
Moreover our system is completely automatic, it only requires you to upload one of your (or someone else's) paper! Check out the Gallery to see all the music generated from user uploaded papers!


The Scientific Music Generator has been created and coded by Marco Scirea and Gabriella Alves Bulhões Barros under the supervision of Julian Togelius and Noor Shaker at the IT University of Copenhagen. The project originally was developed as part of the course Procedural Content Generation.


A paper has been published that describes the details of the system in the proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Creativity 2015.
Update: version 2 of the system has changed much, especially on the music part of the project, and the paper describes how version 1 worked.

Download paper See the Presentation